Tin Tức: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200716

Đã xuất bản: 16/07/2020

New Features
[Cloud Infra] Added: New feature access to network management for each server.
[Cloud Storage] Added: Additional IOPS on storage for faster access.

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Order page returns "wrong_param" error on packages with one-time cycle and forms
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Coupon use error on too many requests for one-step cart templates
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Domain price is not updated when changing the service cycle.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Contact is unable to see tickets in dashboard even though he has access to them
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Hidden options assigned to account changed during upgrade order.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: In some cases, cron does not function properly with 2fa module enabled
[WebSpace] Fixed: The "cPanel DNS Tool" cron task stopped when there are many zones to synchronize
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Bandwidth usage shows wrong values after reboot when importing usage from the external app.
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Configuration does not list storage options properly.
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Provisioning fails to create a new user without error in logs.
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Provisioning is marked successfully even if the server creation task fails.

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