Tin Tức: Bringing you constant quality improvements and game changing features

Đã xuất bản: 20/05/2019

At ReadySpace, we release new version every 2 weeks to ensure constant quality improvements, deliver fast bug fixes and bring game changing features to you to win the competition.

This week's updates

New Features

  • [SpamExperts] Added: You can now buy archival services on top of filtering service.

  • [Cloud Server] Added: Windows Server 2012/2016 Standard Edition template.

  • [Cloud Server] Added: Windows Server 2012/2016 Standard Edition with Sophos Server protection template.

  • [Cloud Server] Added: Plesk Onxy template.

  • [Wordpress Hosting] Added: Included with SEO Audit feature.

Bugs Fixed

  • [Client Area] Fixed: Incorrect customer balance was shown in some cases.

  • [Client Area] Fixed: added missing translations to dns management section.

  • [Client Area] Fixed: The place for entering the CVV code was not visible in 3Dsecure.

  • [Client Area] Fixed: Clients with disabled email notification still receive emails.

  • [DNS Hosting] Fixed: "More" links in clientarea dns management section do not work

  • [Cloud Server] Fixed: ISO Upload does not work for new images.

  • [Cloud Server] Fixed: Product port speed shows Mbps instead of MB/s

  • [Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuild fails if previous rebuild was interrupted.

  • [Cloud Server] Fixed: Wrong dns settings are used in some cases.