Tin Tức: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20200213

Đã xuất bản: 12/02/2020

New Features/Improvements
[Cloud Server] Added: Option to change if adding new disk or extending old one should perform server reboot.
[SpamExperts] Upgraded service speed for faster indexing and search
[Cloud Drive] Upgraded service speed to access and upload files
[Cloud Drive] Update Mac Client V2.7.0, Build 274 Release
[Cloud Drive] Security enhanced with malware scanner
[Cloud Drive] Price adjustment for disk space from current to USD$0.03/GB per month
[Server Backup] Improved backup and restore speed by x10
[Server Backup] Better efficiency for recovery points (5-hrs, 4-days, 3-weeks, 2-months, 1-year)
[Server Backup] New orders now will only backup 1 server for each Server backup subscription
[Reminders] More reminders are being provided for service renewals

Bugs Fixed
[Console] Fixed: Client Area error when trying to order product with premade form fields
[Billing] Fixed: Orders created on pro-rata day are free and generate invoice detached from order.
[Billing] Fixed: Qty field on invoice items shows unnecessary trailing zeros.
[Sign Up] Fixed: Clientarea error when trying to order product with premade form fields]
[Sign Up] Fixed: The message ‘Please provide all required information’ is displayed, even if the customer has filled in the details
[Domains] Fixed: The “Remove accented characters” option does not work when updating a contact
[SSL] Fixed: Cannot find related zone if the hostname has the prefix www
[SSL] Fixed: Error when ordering ssl product from category that is not set to SSL type.
[Ticket] Fixed: ‘Call to a member function getTicketNumber() on null’ error was fixed
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: .zip files support for macOS Catalina. This fix covers general archive operations open, compress, uncompress.
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Replace file in subfolder share does not synchronize changes with server
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Delete files in subfolder share are not synchronize with the server
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Delete a folder containing more than 20 files is not a correctly on the server.
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Excel files not uploaded to server
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Duplicate Excel files created when saving changes to a pre-existing document
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Excel file from a subshare becomes unreadable after rights to main share are changed
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Word (.docx) file reappears after it was deleted. File is not deleted from server, due to delete file failure.
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Automatic screenshots upload does not resume if share access rights are changed to read-only, followed by a change to write. Screenshot upload was resumed only after an application restart.
[Cloud Drive] Fixed: Files downloaded from Safari or Chrome to a RushFiles share are created as 0kb files.
[Cloud Drive] Technical improvement: Fuse library upgrade.