Tin Tức: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20221128

Đã xuất bản: 28/11/2022

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Redirect customer to newly issued invoice after manual service renewal
[SuperScaler] Added: It's now possible to set the default gateway per client group for existing services

Bugs Fixed
[SuperScaler] Fixed: In some cases, ordering domains in the client area does not work correctly.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Can't add domains that do not allow 1/yr registration/transfer
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Adding invoice line from products formats price wrongly upon adding it
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Invoice item description does not contain spaces if it is issued manually
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Error when getting bandwidth usage from the external app for services that area near of the end of their period.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Module fails to transfer user iso on some servers.
[Cloud Server] Fixed: Rebuild does not apply template settings required by OS, like machine type.
[SSL Certificate] Fixed: Unable to order wildcard certificate