Tin Tức: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20191211

Đã xuất bản: 11/12/2019

New Features
[Customer IP] It is now possible to retain IP addresses when moving from dedicated servers to cloud servers in SG.

Bugs Fixed
[Client Billing] Fixed: Recurring invoices are generating with no tax.
[Client Billing] Fixed: Updating card in client portal for module that does not support direct tokenization does not drop previously stored tokens
[Client Cart] Fixed: Free products does not support tlds with lowest cycle higher than 1 year
[Client Cart] Fixed: Recurring amount shows discounted twice in cart summary.
[Client Area] Fixed: Login Details widget does not show login credentials for sub-modules connected to product
[Client Cloud Server] Fixed: ISO upload fails if request logs are enabled.
[Client SMS Verification] Fixed: In some cases, orders are accepted if the customer is not verified
[Client Support Fields] Fixed: In some cases ticket body content is duplicated
[Client Support Fields] Fixed: It is not possible to edit support fields in the created ticket in admin area
[Client Support Fields] Fixed: Text that is not marked as ‘Transfer to ticket body’ is posted in the ticket body everywhere
[Client Support Fields] Fixed: Translation is not parsed in the form title
[Client Tickets] Fixed: Department ticket count diapers when viewing tickets.
[Client Server Backup] Fixed: Root disk filled is causing warning notifications to be sent out to customers.
[Client Invoice] Added: More information in invoice for easier payment process
[Client SpamExperts] Fixed: MX5 having intermittent issues and has been removed.