Tin Tức: ReadySpace Cloud Platform Release Notes : 20220606

Đã xuất bản: 06/06/2022

New Features
[SuperScaler] Added: Support for image thumbnails in the Downloads section
[SuperScaler] Added: Support for image thumbnails in Ticket attachments
[SuperScaler] Added: New option: "Pro-rate cancellations for pre-paid services (for immediate cancelations)"
[Cloud Infra] Changed: Port speed limit on bandwidth overuse won't be applied to excluded interfaces anymore

Bugs Fixed
[Cloud DNS] Fixed: DNS API calls always return false for the "success" parameter
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Bandwidth exclude does not work for data gathered from infrastructure
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Disk expand/removal fails silently if there are existing snapshots.
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: External bandwidth data has reversed in/out
[Cloud Infra] Fixed: Removing all IPs with VLAN does not clear the VLAN tag from the interface.
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Missing column on the freshly installed module
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Alipay module complains about missing client phone number when creating a payment
[SuperScaler] Fixed: Password length is not verified if password complexity settings are not enforced on client passwords